Ibrahim Zemheri (born on 16th April 1994) is a Los Angeles based Turkish digital artist.

After studying cinematic arts, he began working as a creative artist in advertising/media/tech, collaborating among the best and the nicest people in the United States.


He creates 2D/3D design, motion and digital art. He has had the pleasure of working for the top brands including Disney, Roblox,

EA Games, Facebook and Apple.

In 2022 he takes his first step into Crypto Art and creating digital artwork under the name of Naqqash as he believes in the decentralized world that Blockchain Technology offers.

His artwork often inspired by Expressionism and Minimalism, emphasizing discovery and an aesthetic experience to evoke emotions, moods and ideas. He experiments with abstract, figurative and no defined narrative by seeking perfection in the application of 2D/3D digital painting and artificial intelligence.

"Through my artwork I try to bring the inside out, the beauty in good or bad.
It is all a part of me, you and us." -Naqqash